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With a ton of great customer testimonials that come out each and every week we are proud to be Southern Illinois' top seller of Kia, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep automobiles. 

If you had a wonderful experience like all of customers do then please let us know as this gentleman did after he purchased his car from us:

August 10, 2014 -- 

"Mark Ward Kia and his dealership helped me to finance the car I have always wanted.At first it was hard to get approved and they worked over and over again to get me on the road. Thank you Mark Ward Kia."

Mark Ward Kia Delivers the Best Deal Around Town

Get the Best deal on your new automobile when you purchase it from Carbondale, Illinois very best dealer Mark Ward Kia. 


Mark Ward Kia

Mark Ward Kia is the leading dealership for purchasing new and used cars in the southern Illinois area. If you want a great deal then you come to Mark Ward Kia and get financed today!


Offering New Clients and Customers Summertime Deals

Thanks to our immense growth as one of the top sellers of Kia, Jeep, and Chrysler automobiles in the midwest we are now offering all new clients a special discount when they tweet about how great Mark Ward Kia is and or Post on Facebook about their amazing savings and deals that they received by deciding to purchase their automobile from the leading Carbondale, Illinois Dealer!


Mark Ward Kia Moving to Old Pike Auto Park

As seen in the latest edition of the Southern Business Journal: The Mark Wark Chrysler Kia Center here in Carbondale, Illinois is going to move most of our fleet over to our newest building in the past location of "Ike's" Auto park dealership which is located off of Illinois 13 right on down by the Jackson County Line.

This autopark was empty for years and now we are going to see some momentum as Mark Ward Kia, Chrysler, and Dodge continues to offer great promotions and deals to the greater Carbondale community. 


Mark Ward Kia - Leading Carbondale, Illinois Dealer

Looking for that great new car? Whether it's a Kia, Chrysler, or a Dodge we can get you into the car of your dreams. Comfortable, affordable, and friendly customer service are all things that we take pride in helping our clients with.

Get the best deal today by contacting our friendly sales representative to make an appointment to come in and see the showroom for yourself: 1-866-788-3185

We are proudly located at 1412 West Main Street, Carbondale, IL 62901